Jamaica, VA – Mark Parks of Lynchburg, VA grabbed the lead on the opening green flag and led all 35 laps of the Victory Lap Pro Late Model feature at Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway on way to a very emotional victory on WRAR / WNNT Night at the Races. Parks and Matt Tarbox of Brandywine, MD led the field to green with parks jumping to the lead from the outside of turn 2. Once out front Parks put on a driving clinic to pick up the victory.

“This is a very emotional win for me; I lost my dad several weeks back and this one is for him,“ commented a tearful Parks in victory lane.

Rounding out the top five were matt Quade, Corey Almond, Davis Lipscombe and Camden Testerman.

In other action Hunter McClendon of Williamsburg, VA took the lead from Ryan Toole of Henrico, NC and went on to score the Budweiser Modified victory; in the Truckin Thunder Sportsman feature Joe Weiss of Elizabeth City NC finally scored his first VMS victory and in the Collision One Limited Stock Car division James Givens of Henrico, VA drove from his ninth place starting position to muscle the lead away from Chad Champion of Beaverdam, VA on lap 14 and go on to take the win.

In the Victory Lap Pro Late Model feature Matt Tarbox and mark Parks lead the field to green. Parks would power around the outside of Tarbox in turn 2 for the lead. Once out front Parks stretched his lead out to a full straight away. Behind him the battle for second was fierce between Tarbox, Camden Testerman and Matt Quade. Qaude would eventually take over the second spot but could not get close to Parks except on the races two cautions. During the races late laps fast qualifier Corey Almond would work his way to third but could not get any closer to the leader. Parks would cruise to the win followed by Qaude, Almond, Davis Lipscombe and Camden Testerman.

In the Budweiser Modified 30 lap feature Ryan Toole and Chase Butler led the field to green with Toole taking the lead out of turn 2. Toole would fend off several challenges by Butler for the lead before battling with Hunter McClendon for the top spot. On lap 10 McClendon went to the outside of Toole in turn 1 to take the lead out of turn 2. Once out front sailed to the victory. Rounding out the top five were Toole Tim Schulte, rookie Chase Butler and rookie J.D. Eversole.

In the Truckin Thunder Sportsman 30 lap feature Bill Coada and Chad Beaher led the field to green, Coada would rocket out to lead the first lap. Coada would pace the first six laps with Tim Shelton banging on his back door. On lap 6 Shelton finally got by on the outside for the lead bringing fast qualifier Joe Weiss with him to second. Weiss would quickly go to work on Shelton for the top spot taking it away at the line on lap 8. Once out front Weiss kept control and went on to score his career first victory at the speedway. Steve Causey, Tyler Shipp, Tim Shelton and Chad Beahr rounded out the top five.

As usual the Collision One Limited Stock Cars did not disappoint in their 25 lap feature. John Hankins Jr. and Mark Schools led the field to green with Hankins leading the first circuit. The top five were all in striking distance of the lead and on lap 4 Mark Schools grab the top spot away from Hankins. One lap later Chad Champion muscled his way under Schools out of turn 4 for the lead at the line. Over the next 8 laps Champion battled side by side with James Givens for the lead until Givens powered around the outside of Champion in turn 1 to take the lead. Once out front Givens was able to keep a fast charging Cory Bradley at bay to take the win. Rounding out the top five were Bradley, Champion, Trent Clemans and Randy Hutchens.

The Speedway will return to racing next Saturday May 5th and host Truckin Thunder / Northern Neck Chevrolet Night and week 3 of the Aaron’s Dirt Series Championship weekly racing action featuring the Victory Lap Pro Late Model, Truckin Thunder Sportsman, Budweiser Modified and Collision One Limited Stock Car divisions. The night will benefit the charity ChildHelp. Also, all Scouts in uniform will be admitted in FREE.

Admission price for adults is only $12, seniors (60+) $10; military (active/retired w/ proper I.D.) $8, students 11 – 17 years old $6 and children 10 and under admitted free. Pit passes will be $20.

Competitor gates for Saturday May 5th will open at 3pm with spectator gates opening at 5pm. On track activities will begin at 6:30pm with hot laps.

Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway is a ½ mile dirt oval track is located on U.S. Route 17, eight miles north of Saluda, VA and 25 miles south of Tappahannock, VA in Jamaica, VA. The speedway is just a short drive from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Southern Maryland and the Hampton Roads area.

Race fans can go to www.vamotorspeedway.com to view the complete schedule Virginia Motor Speedway’s 2018 season, find detailed event information, get the latest news, and get complete ticket and camping information. In addition, fans can get social with Virginia Motor Speedway by following @vamotorspeedway on Twitter, clicking “Like” at www.facebook.com/VaMotorSpeedway and on www.youtube.com/VaMotorSpeedway.

MEDIA CONTACT: DAVE SEAY (804) 758-1867 OR (804) 357-7223


Victory Lap Pro Late Models (35 Laps):
1. 1-Mark Parks, [2]; 2. 47-Matt Quade, [3]; 3. 7A-Corey Almond, [6]; 4. 71-Davis Lipscombe, [5]; 5. 17-Camden Testerman, [4]; 6. 66X-Matthew Tarbox, [1]; 7. 5J-Darrell Dow, [7]; 8. 2*-Jared Powell, [9]; 9. 08-Tyler Detter, [8]; 10. 38-Nicolas Love, [12]; 11. 88-Bill Coada, [11]; 12. 4-Robert Babb, [14]; 13. 40-Brent Bordeaux, [10]; 14. 28-Carl Vaughan, [13]; 15. 1A-Brian Hankins, [15]; 16. 23M-John McClellan, [16]

Fast Qualifier: Corey Almond – 19.803 seconds

Truckin Thunder Sportsman (30 laps):
1. 0C-Joe Weiss, [6]; 2. 9-Steve Causey, [5]; 3. 25-Tyler Shipp, [7]; 4. 55-Tim Shelton, [4]; 5. 1-Chad Beahr, [2]; 6. 91-James Snead, [8]; 7. 16-Brett Adkins, [14]; 8. 7-Kevin Beahr, [17]; 9. 98-Steve Brightwell, [16]; 10. 88-Bill Coada, [1]; 11. 51-Mark Gonzales, [15]; 12. 14-Ryan Hutchens, [10]; 13. 16A-Billy Adkins, [11]; 14. 22-Michael Hayes, [3]; 15. 0-Chase Burrow, [13]; 16. 17-John Nickens, [12]; 17. 92-Kacey Gordon, [9]

Fast Qualifier: Joe Weiss – 21. 742 seconds

Budweiser Modifieds (30 laps):
1. 33-Hunter McClendon, [4]; 2. 84-Ryan Toole, [1]; 3. 10S-Tim Schulte, [3]; 4. 11-Chase Butler, [2]; 5. 98-J.D. Eversole, [5]; 6. 48-Lance Grady, [16]; 7. 01-Francis Jarelle III, [6]; 8. 7+7-Jeff Solinger, [11]; 9. 27-Mark Schools, [12]; 10. 99-Charlie Hubbard, [7]; 11. 57-Curtis Barricks, [8]; 12. 1ST-Bret Hamilton, [10]; 13. 16-David Kendall, [14]; 14. 68-Adam Hoegerl, [13]; 15. 44-Stephen Bryant, [9]; 16. 21C-Davey Conley, [15]

Fast Qualifier: Hunter McClendon – 21. 126 seconds

Collision One Limited Stock Cars (25 laps):
1. 8-James Givens, [9]; 2. 41-Cory Bradley, [6]; 3. 08-Chad Champion, [3]; 4. 01-Trent Clemans, [7]; 5. 4-Randy Hutchens, [5]; 6. 25-Marty Coltrain, [4]; 7. 47-Christian Sherr, [15]; 8. 18-John Hankins Jr, [1]; 9. 59-Carl Hazelwood, [16]; 10. 9-Justin Pullen, [13]; 11. 14-Brandon Bowler, [8]; 12. 38-Caleb Carter, [12]; 13. 5-Joe Fancher, [11]; 14. 12-Mark Schools, [2]; 15. 39-Cole Johnston, [18]; 16. 50-Blair Sibley, [10]; 17. 88-Jay Seward, [19]; 18. 26-Stephanie Johnston, [14]; 19. 18N-Josh New, [17]; 20. 00-Bill Hardman Jr, [20]

Fast Qualifier: Cory Bradley – 23.193 seconds

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  1. MOM April 29, 2018, 5:08 am

    Mark i knew u were determined to win one for Dad and u did. You know Daddy was with u and telling everyone in heaven that’s MY BOY! Wish I could have been there luv u mom


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