JAMAICA, VA – There’s just something special about the relationship between Chris Madden of Gaffney, SC and Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway. Three visits have resulted in three wins, the latest the biggest of all as he took the lead with eight laps to go in route to a $25,000 payday in the inaugural Commonwealth 100 in front of a packed house.

“This is just an amazing place and tonight we just made the right call on tires and it paid off big,” commented a very excited Madden in victory lane.

Darrell Lanigan of Union, KY looked to be the class of the field as he dominated the first 91 laps of the event. On a lap 91 restart Madden made a bonsai move on the outside of Langian to take the lead only to give it back when caution came out for Austin Hubbard who had come to rest in turn 1.

On the next restart Madden dove to the bottom of four getting under Lanigan but caution would once again come out this time for the leader Lanigan who cut down a tire. On the races final restart it was Madden got a good jump on second place Jimmy Owens while Jonathan Davenport took the third spot form Steve Francis.  Madden would prove to be too strong ove the final eight laps taking home the $25,000 winners check.

In other action Chris Ferguson of Mt. Holly, NC took home the $3000 check in the Rumbleon Ther River 30 lap non-qualifiers race over Dan Stone, D.J Meyers, 20th stating Jamie Lathroum and Dave Zona rounding out the top five.

B Main wins went to Darryl Hills of Great Mills, MD and Jimmy Mars of Menomonie, WI.

Commonwealth 100 A Main – 1) Chris Madden; 2) Jimmy Owens; 3) Jonathan Davenport; 4) Steve Francis; 5) Shane Clanton; 6) Vic Coffey; 7) Dan Schlieper; 8) Tim Fuller; 9) Steve Shaver; 10) Clint Smith; 11) Earl Pearson Jr.; 12) Josh Richards; 13) Jimmy Mars; 14) Darrell Lanigan; 15) Chub Frank; 16) Bub McCool; 170 Tim MCCreadie; 18) Jason Covert; 19) Austin Hubbard; 20) Russell King; 21) Brad Neat; 22) Rick Eckert; 23) Brian Birkhofer; 24) Dale McDowell; 25) Brent Robinson; 26) Darryl Hills; 27) Brady Smith.

Rumble on the River 30 non-qualifiers race – 1) Chris Ferguson; 2) Dan Stone; 3) D.J. Meyers; 4) Jamie Lathroum; 5) Dave Zona; 6) Mark Byram; 7) Walker Arthur; 8) Bryan Bernheisel; 9) David Williams; 10) Jimmy Bernheisel; 11) John Blankenship; 12) Chuck Harper; 13) Jeff Pilkerton; 14) David Taylor; 15) Dustin Mitchell; 16) Stephen Evans; 17) Dean Bowen; 18 Gregg Satterlee; 19) Jill George; 20) Ronnie DeHaven Jr.

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