Jamaica, VA – After what has been a tough season for Davis Lipscombe of Mechanicsville, VA he was able to end the season on a high note with a dominating win in the Victory Lap Pro Late Model feature on Northern Neck Chevrolet championship Night. Lipscombe and Dustin Ferguson of Appomattox, VA battled side by side for much of the first 11 laps before Lipscombe muscled his way to the lead on lap 12 and then drove away for the field for the win.

“The car has been fast all year long, but the driver has not always been at his best. This win gives us a lot of confidence going into the FASTRAK World Championship weekend,” commented Lipscombe in WhosYourDriver.org victory lane.

Rounding out the top five were Corey Almond, Dustin Ferguson, Matt Quade and Brad Rigdon.

Matt Quade of Mechanicsville, MD was crowned the 2018 Victory Lap Pro Late Model Champion after wheeling his ride to a fourth place finish.

Tyler Shipp of Mechanicsville, VA took the lead on the opening lap of the Truckin Thunder Sportsman feature and went on to score his second win of the season in dominating fashion. With Shipp controlling the top spot Mark Gonzales and Matt Meads battle for the entire 30 lap feature for the runner up spot with Gonzales taking it for the final time on lap 21. Rounding out the top five were Gonzales, Meads, Tim Shelton and Joe Weiss.

Tim Shelton of Fredericksburg, VA was crowned the 2018 Truckin Thunder Sportsman Champion with his fourth place finish.

In the Budweiser Modified feature James Sparks of Hollywood, MD jumped out to the lead on the drop of the green flag and paced the field until lap 8 when he hit the front stretch wall and came to a stop with a flat left rear tire. That handed the lead over to Joey Polevoy who went on to a full straight win with Chase Butler, Lance Grady, J.D. Eversole and Ryan Toole rounding out the top five.

Division point leader Hunter McClendon of Williamsburg, VA had to park his car on lap 3 with a broken rear end and it looked as if his chances of a championship where over but his lead heading into the night was just enough to be crowned the 2018 Budweiser Modified Champion by two points over rookie Chase Butler of Mechanicsville, VA.

James Givens of Henrico, VA has been dominant all year long in the Collision One Limited Stock Car division. In tonight’s feature it took him 15 laps to works his way to the front from his eighth place starting position and take the lead from Chad Champion. Over the final 10 laps Givens had to hold off multiple challenges from Trent Clemans for the lead. Coming to the white the two were side-by-side for the lead. On the final lap Clemans car pushed in turn 2 and that was all Givens needed to record his sixth win of the season and take home the 2018 Collision One Limited Stock Car Championship. Rounding out the top five Clemans, Cory Bradley, Mark Schools and Randy Hutchens.

The Speedway will take next week off and will return to racing Friday and Saturday September 14 & 15 for the FASTRAK World Championship weekend. Friday September 14 the speedway will host a $5000 to win FASTRAK members only event and then on Saturday September 15th for the $20,000 to win FASTRAK World Championship that is open to any crate late model competitor. FASTRAK rules will apply. For more information visit www.fastracing.com or www.vamotorspeedway.com.

Race fans can go to www.vamotorspeedway.com to view the complete schedule Virginia Motor Speedway’s 2018 season, find detailed event information, get the latest news, and get complete ticket and camping information. In addition, fans can get social with Virginia Motor Speedway by following @vamotorspeedway on Twitter, clicking “Like” at www.facebook.com/VaMotorSpeedway and on www.youtube.com/VaMotorSpeedway.

MEDIA CONTACT: DAVE SEAY (804) 758-1867 OR (804) 357-7223


Victory Lap Pro Late Models (35 Laps): 1. 71-Davis Lipscombe, [4]; 2. 7A-Corey Almond, [5]; 3. 1-Dustin Ferguson, [2]; 4. 47-Matt Quade, [8]; 5. 09-Brad Rigdon, [3]; 6. 66X-Matthew Tarbox, [1]; 7. 14C-Chuck Bowie, [7]; 8. 74-Mike Franklin, [9]; 9. 38-Nicolas Love, [12]; 10. 11-James Miller, [11]; 11. 2*-Jared Powell, [6]; 12. 08-Tyler Detter, [10]; 13. 40-Brent Bordeaux, [15]; 14. 28-Carl Vaughan, [14]; 15. 77-Brian Hankins, [13]

Fast Qualifier: Corey Almond – 18.716 seconds

Truckin Thunder Sportsman (30 laps): 1. 25-Tyler Shipp, [2]; 2. 51-Mark Gonzales, [6]; 3. 23-Matt Meads, [4]; 4. 55-Tim Shelton, [8]; 5. 0C-Joe Weiss, [3]; 6. 9-Steve Causey, [10]; 7. 98-Troy Doggett, [1]; 8. 0-Chase Burrow, [11]; 9. 92-Kacey Gordon, [13]; 10. 1-Chad Beahr, [14]; 11. 01-Tommy Upshaw, [21]; 12. 22-Michael Hayes, [18]; 13. 56-John Morgan, [20]; 14. 16-Brett Adkins, [5]; 15. 00-Hunter Shelton, [12]; 16. 6-Macy Causey, [17]; 17. 91-James Snead, [16]; 18. 2-Wesley Givens, [9]; 19. 71-John Nickens, [15]; 20. 14-Ryan Hutchens, [19]; 21. 17NC-Joshua Burnham, [7]

Fast Qualifier: Mark Gonzales – 22.457 seconds

Budweiser Modifieds (30 laps): 1. 51-Joey Polevoy, [4]; 2. 11-Chase Butler, [1]; 3. 48-Lance Grady, [3]; 4. 98-J.D. Eversole, [6]; 5. 21C-Ryan Toole, [16]; 6. 16-David Kendall, [13]; 7. 99-Charlie Hubbard, [11]; 8. 7+7-Jeff Solinger, [12]; 9. 57-Curtis Barricks, [14]; 10. 1ST-Bret Hamilton, [10]; 11. 26X-James Sparks, [2]; 12. 43-Josh Harris, [7]; 13. 01-Francis Jarelle III, [5]; 14. 33-Hunter McClendon, [8]; 15. 10S-Tim Schulte, [9]; 16. 27-Mark Schools, [15]

Fast Qualifier: Francis Jarrelle – 20.012 seconds

Collision One Limited Stock Cars (25 lap): 1. 8-James Givens, [8]; 2. 01-Trent Clemans, [5]; 3. 41-Cory Bradley, [9]; 4. 12-Mark Schools, [3]; 5. 4-Randy Hutchens, [7]; 6. 08-Chad Champion, [2]; 7. 18-John Hankins Jr, [11]; 8. 23-David Bowler, [14]; 9. 25-Marty Coltrain, [12]; 10. 47-Christian Sherr, [13]; 11. 14D-Paige Vassallo, [15]; 12. 22-Raymond Harper, [1]; 13. 26-Stephanie Johnston, [10]; 14. 88-Jay Seward, [6]; 15. 11-Robbie Kramer Jr, [4]

Fast Qualifier: James Givens – 23.912 seconds

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