hoosier tires 950x450Jamaica, VA – Virginia Motor Speedway officials announced today that the Budweiser Modified division will have new tire compounds for 2017. Competitors will be given a two race burn-off period (two events raced with us) for the old E-MOD Soft and E-Mod Medium tire compounds.

The new tire for 2017 will be the Hoosier M30 and M60 in sizes 26.5/8.0/15 or 27.5/8.0/15. The maximum width of the tire will be 9” inches. The M60 can be used as a right rear tire option.

– NO grooving allowed.
– Siping permitted on M-60 when used as a right rear.
– Any track official can confiscate any tire at any time to be evaluated and analyzed including verification using a tire durometer. Tires may also be submitted for further chemical analysis.
– Defacing or altering any of the manufacturer’s identification markings, letters, words, numbers, on any tire will not be permitted.
– Any alteration of tires may result in immediate suspension from all VMS events and/or penalties deemed appropriate by track.
– Tire softeners and/or chemicals designed to alter the chemical characteristics of the tire and/or the tire surface will not be permitted.

This new tire allows us to be on the same tire as many of the tracks South of VMS and puts us in line with the Southeast Dirt Modified Series rules.

If you have any questions please contact Clarke Sawyer at 804-758-1867.

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