Jamaica, VA – It had been a while since his last visit to Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway but Booper Bare of Rockbridge Baths, VA still knew how to get around the ½ mile speedplant in Jamaica, VA.

A strong field of 44 cars showed up for the second visit by the Steel Block Bandits to Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway for the $3000 to win Firecracker 30. In what was a cautioned filled 30 event, Bare used his knowledge of the speedway to work the high side to perfection and get his first series win of 2011.

Bare started on the outside of the front row. It didn’t take long before he was in the lead and setting the pace. Bare took over the top spot with a power move to the outside of Scott Adams out of turn 2 on lap 4. Once out front Bare showed his old VMS Championship form. Over the final 25 laps Bare had to endure multiple cautions that allowed several competitors to take shots at the lead.

On multiple occasions Kyle Lear made attempts to get inside Bare only to be turned away each time. Lear tried several times over the final three laps to get inside Bare for the lead but Bare was too strong and would hold on to take the $3000 top prize in the Firecracker 30.

“It feels really good to be back here in victory lane, this team worked extremely hard to fix the problems we were having with this car earlier today, if not for my crew I would not be standing here tonight,” commented bare in victory lane.

Rounding out the top five were Derick Quade, Rick Hulson, Scott Adams and Andy Fries.

In other action Brian Maxey of king George, VA picked up his fourth win of the season in the Budweiser Modifieds; Stephen Childress of St. Stephens Church, VA cruised to his second eature win in the truckin Thunder Sportman and in the Collision One Limited Stock Car feature Brett Adkins made it two in a row as well as setting a new division track record.

In the Budweiser Modified 25 lap feature Tony Quade and Page Harrison led the field to green with Harrison taking the point and leading the first lap.

Behind Harrison the battle began to heat up between Quade and Brian Maxey. Maxey would take over the spot with Brandon Galloway and Dan Arnold working their way into third and fourth.

The action for the top spot would heat up as Maxey began pressuring Harrison for the top spot. Several cautions closed the field on Harrison, each time he was up to the challenge and kept Maxey at bay. On lap 23 the door opened for Maxey when Harrison hit a rut in turn 2 allowing Maxey to get inside for the lead.

Harrison could not recover to retake the top spot and Maxey would go on to record his fourth win of the season followed to the checkers by Harrison, Dan Arnold, Tony Quade and Travis LaRoque.

In the Truckin Thunder Sportsman 25 lap feature Junior Carter and Tony Wood led the field to green with Wood taking the top spot. On lap 3 Stephen Childress made it three wide out of turn 2 splitting both Carter and Wood to take over the top spot.

Once out front Childress put it on cruise control going on to take his second win of 2011. Following Childress to the checkers were Roger Jamerson, John Kirby, Junior Carter and Wayne Carroll.

In the Collision One Limited Stock 20 lap feature it was Brandon Coates and Wesley Givens led the field to green with Givens leading the first lap followed by his father James Givens and sixth starting Brett Adkins in tow.

On the next lap Adkins rocketed around Givens out of turn 2 to take over the lead. Once out in front Adkins put it on cruise control as they battled for second behind him. The two Givens and Joe Ender put on a show for the fans on hand as Adkins pulled away.

No one had anything for Adkins as he cruised to his second win in a row followed by Joe Ender, James Givens, Wesley Givens and Brandon Coates rounding out the top 5.

Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway will take the weekend of July 16th off in preparation the inaugural visit by the Ultimate Super Late Model Series for the $10,000 to win Summer Heat 50.

ULTIMATE teams have been buzzing with discussion about this upcoming event. New championship leader Chip Brindle, riding the momentum of his Independence Shootout win at Cherokee Speedway, is just one of the many drivers who have this event circled as a must on their schedule. “The Georgia Bandit” Casey Roberts will be looking to rebound after a rare DNF in the Independence Shootout. Chris “Fergy Time” Ferguson, Ricky Weeks, Daniel Baggerly, Ross Bailes and “Kid Quick” Zack Mitchell are just a few of the drivers who will head north to battle for the $10,000 winner’s check and a total purse exceeding $35,000.

The driver’s from the South will have their hands full with a tough contingent of Mid-Atlantic hot-shoes. This is sure to turn into an epic North versus South event.

The night’s activities will also include the Victory Lap Late Model, Truckin Thunder Sportsman, Budweiser Modified and the Collision One Limited Stock Car divisions in Virginia Army National Guard Dirt Series action.

Competitor gates for Saturday, July 23rd will open at 3pm with spectator gates opening at 4pm. On track activities will begin at 6pm with hot laps.

Divisions scheduled to race on Saturday July 23rd: Ultimate Super Late Models (50 Laps); Victory Lap Late Models (35 Laps); Truckin Thunder Sportsman (25 Laps); Budweiser Modifieds (25 Laps); and the Collision One Limited Stock Cars (20 laps). Ultimate Super Late Model Series will run qualifying, heats, B Main(s) and Feature. All track divisions will run Hot Lap Time Trials and Features.

Admission price for Adults $20, seniors (60+) $15; military $15, students 13 – 17 years old $8, children 7 – 12 years old $4 and children 6 and under admitted free. Pit passes for this special event will be $25.

To enhance the fans racing experience the speedway has installed a short wave FM transmitter and all of the evening’s action can be heard at 95.5 FM. So bring your portable radio headset and enjoy hearing all the action.

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Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway, an ASA Member Track, is a ½ mile dirt oval track is located on U.S. Route 17, eight miles north of Saluda, VA and 25 miles south of Tappahannock, VA in Jamaica, VA. The speedway is just a short drive from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Southern Maryland and the Hampton Roads area.

To learn more about Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway fans may call the Speedway office at (804) 758-1VMS or visit the track’s web site at www.vamotorspeedway.com.

MEDIA CONTACT: DAVE SEAY (804) 758-1867 OR (804) 357-7223


A Main:1. Booper Bare (Rockbridge Baths, VA), 2. Derick Quade (Mechanicsville, MD), 3. Rick Hulson (Glen Bernie, MD), 4. Scott Adams (Chester, VA), 5. Andy Fries (Mercersburg, PA), 6. Matt Howsare (Clearville, PA), 7. Stevie Long (Mechanicsville, MD), 8. Kyle Merkel (Gilbertsville, PA), 9. Davis Lipscombe (Mechanicsville, VA), 10. DJ Troutman (Hynman, PA), 11. Rick Singleton (Huntington, PA), 12. Walker Arthur (Forest, VA), 13. Sean Merkel (Pottstown, PA), 14. Matt Cosner (Cumberland, MD), 15. Kenny Moreland (Waldorf, MD), 16. Ed Pope (Pasadena, MD), 17. Wes Bonebrake (Hagerstown, MD), 18. David Williams (Avenue, MD), 19. Matt Marshall (Stuarts Draft, VA), 20. Tom Cohick (Gloucester, VA), 21. Bruce Kane (Glen Burnie, MD), 22. David Puckett (King George, VA), 23. Ryan Hackett (LaPlata, MD), 24. Tim Shelton (Fredericksburg, VA), 25. Don Woodruff (Bunker Hill, WV), 26. kyle Lear (Severna Park, MD),

B Main:1. Bruce Kane (Glen Burnie, MD), 2. Matt Cosner (Cumberland, MD), 3. Walker Arthur (Forest, VA), 4. Wes Bonebrake (Hagerstown, MD), 5. Ed Pope (Pasadena, MD), 6. Rick Singleton (Huntington, PA), 7. Eddie Groome (Stuarts Draft, VA), 8. Sean Merkel (Pottstown, PA), 9. Billy Tucker (King George, VA), 10. Tim Shelton (Fredericksburg, VA), 11. Louie Littlepage (Mechanicsvillee, VA), 12. Brandon Long (Mechanicsville, MD), 13. Brandon Atkinson ( , NC), 14. Andy Gregg (Portsmouth, VA), 15. Scott Davis (Virginia Beach, VA), 16. Mitch Miller (Winchester, VA), 17. Buddy Isles Jr. (Littleton, NC), 18. Brad Rigdon (Chesapeake, VA), 19. J.R. Overstreet (Lynchburg, VA), 20. Kenny Moreland (Waldorf, MD), 21. R.E. Cubbage (Waynesboro, VA), 22. Don Woodruff (Bunker Hill, WV), 23. Matt Morgan (Hughesville, MD), 24. William Pritchard (Elizabeth City, NC), 25. Alan Anderson (Norfolk, VA), 26. Anthony Kincaid (Hayes, VA), 27. Glenn Elliott (Sykesville, MD), 28. Matt Quade (Mechanicsville, MD),

Heat Races 1:1. Kyle Lear (Severna Park, MD), 2. Derick Quade (Mechanicsville, MD), 3. Andy Fries (Mercersburg, PA), 4. Stevie Long (Mechanicsville, MD), 5. Wes Bonebrake (Hagerstown, MD), 6. Ed Pope (Pasadena, MD), 7. Matt Morgan (Hughesville, MD), 8. Louie Littlepage (Mechanicsvillee, VA), 9. Scott Davis (Virginia Beach, VA), 10. R.E. Cubbage (Waynesboro, VA), 11. Alan Anderson (Norfolk, VA),

Heat Races 2:1. Booper Bare (Rockbridge Baths, VA), 2. Rick Hulson (Glen Bernie, MD), 3. Kyle Merkel (Gilbertsville, PA), 4. Ryan Hackett (LaPlata, MD), 5. Matt Cosner (Cumberland, MD), 6. Rick Singleton (Huntington, PA), 7. Billy Tucker (King George, VA), 8. Kenny Moreland (Waldorf, MD), 9. Andy Gregg (Portsmouth, VA), 10. Don Woodruff (Bunker Hill, WV), 11. Matt Quade (Mechanicsville, MD),

Heat Races 3:1. David Williams (Avenue, MD), 2. Davis Lipscombe (Mechanicsville, VA), 3. Tom Cohick (Gloucester, VA), 4. David Puckett (King George, VA), 5. Bruce Kane (Glen Burnie, MD), 6. Buddy Isles Jr. (Littleton, NC), 7. Eddie Groome (Stuarts Draft, VA), 8. Brandon Atkinson ( , NC), 9. J.R. Overstreet (Lynchburg, VA), 10. William Pritchard (Elizabeth City, NC), 11. Anthony Kincaid (Hayes, VA),

Heat Races 4:1. Scott Adams (Chester, VA), 2. Matt Howsare (Clearville, PA), 3. Matt Marshall (Stuarts Draft, VA), 4. DJ Troutman (Hynman, PA), 5. Walker Arthur (Forest, VA), 6. Sean Merkel (Pottstown, PA), 7. Brandon Long (Mechanicsville, MD), 8. Brad Rigdon (Chesapeake, VA), 9. Mitch Miller (Winchester, VA), 10. Tim Shelton (Fredericksburg, VA), 11. Glenn Elliott (Sykesville, MD),

Qualifying:1. Kyle Lear (Severna Park, MD), 2. Booper Bare (Rockbridge Baths, VA), 3. David Williams (Avenue, MD), 4. Scott Adams (Chester, VA), 5. Derick Quade (Mechanicsville, MD), 6. Rick Hulson (Glen Bernie, MD), 7. Bruce Kane (Glen Burnie, MD), 8. DJ Troutman (Hynman, PA), 9. Wes Bonebrake (Hagerstown, MD), 10. Kyle Merkel (Gilbertsville, PA), 11. Davis Lipscombe (Mechanicsville, VA), 12. Tim Shelton (Fredericksburg, VA), 13. Stevie Long (Mechanicsville, MD), 14. Matt Cosner (Cumberland, MD), 15. David Puckett (King George, VA), 16. Matt Marshall (Stuarts Draft, VA), 17. Ed Pope (Pasadena, MD), 18. Ryan Hackett (LaPlata, MD), 19. Tom Cohick (Gloucester, VA), 20. Matt Howsare (Clearville, PA), 21. Andy Fries (Mercersburg, PA), 22. Rick Singleton (Huntington, PA), 23. Eddie Groome (Stuarts Draft, VA), 24. Brandon Long (Mechanicsville, MD), 25. Matt Morgan (Hughesville, MD), 26. Kenny Moreland (Waldorf, MD), 27. Buddy Isles Jr. (Littleton, NC), 28. Sean Merkel (Pottstown, PA), 29. Louie Littlepage (Mechanicsvillee, VA), 30. Billy Tucker (King George, VA), 31. J.R. Overstreet (Lynchburg, VA), 32. R.E. Cubbage (Waynesboro, VA), 33. Andy Gregg (Portsmouth, VA), 34. Brandon Atkinson ( , NC), 35. Mitch Miller (Winchester, VA), 36. Scott Davis (Virginia Beach, VA), 37. Don Woodruff (Bunker Hill, WV), 38. Brad Rigdon (Chesapeake, VA), 39. Anthony Kincaid (Hayes, VA), 40. Walker Arthur (Forest, VA), 41. William Pritchard (Elizabeth City, NC), 42. Alan Anderson (Norfolk, VA), 43. Matt Quade (Mechanicsville, MD), 44. Glenn Elliott (Sykesville, MD),

FAST TIME: Kyle Lear – 18.441 seconds, 97.609mph

A Main:1. Stephen Childress (St. Stephens Church, VA), 2. Roger Jamerson (Glen Allen, VA), 3. John Kirby (Sandston, VA), 4. Junior Carter (Mechanicsville, VA), 5. Wayne Carroll (Fredericksburg, VA), 6. Davey Pullen (New Kent, VA), 7. Bubba Holloway (Qiunton, VA), 8. Tony Wood (New Kent, VA), 9. J.R. Guy (Mechanicsville, MD), 10. Michael Hayes (Ruther Glen, VA), 11. Roy Skaggs (Highland Springs, VA), 12. Michael Roop (Stafford, VA), 13. Todd Traylor (King William, VA), DNS: Tommy Upshaw (West Point, VA),

FAST TIME: Stephen Childress – 21.241 seconds, 84.742mph

A Main:1. Brian Maxey (King George, VA), 2. Page Harrison (Jetersville, VA), 3. Dan Arnold (Petersburg, VA), 4. Tony Quade (Leonardtown, MD), 5. Travis LaRoque (Mooresville, NC), 6. John Ferguson (Gloucester, VA), 7. Rich Marks IV (Bryans Road, MD), 8. Curtis Barricks (Chesterfield, VA), 9. Brian Dobie (Partlow, VA), 10. Brandon Galloway (Gloucester, VA), 11. Kelly Samuels (Chester, VA), 12. Neal Hudgins (Grimstead, VA), 13. David Kendall (Petersburg, VA), 14. Charlie Hubbard (Chesapeake, VA), 15. Aaron Harris (Richmond, VA), 16. James Jessee (Spotsylvania, VA), 17. Jimmy Duncan (Fredericksburg, VA), 18. Lance Grady (Maidens, VA), 19. Chris Arnold (Petersburg, VA), 20. Jacob Buie (Rockville, VA), DQ: Francis Jarrelle III (Powhatan, VA),

FAST TIME: Brian Maxey – 20.029 seconds, 89.870mph

A Main:1. Brett Adkins (Gloucester, VA), 2. Joe Ender (Glen Allen, VA), 3. James Givens (Highland Springs, VA), 4. Wesley Givens (Highland Springs, VA), 5. Brandon Coates (Tappahannock, VA), 6. Vernon Kirby (Glen Allen, VA), 7. Thomas Rose (Gloucester, VA), 8. Chad Champion (Beaverdam, VA), 9. Bryan Barkley (Hayes, VA), 10. Brandon Sandridge (New Kent, VA), 11. Ryan Hutchens (Toano, VA), 12. Raymond Harper (Gloucester, VA), 13. Ricky Douglas (Unionville, VA), 14. David Bowler (Gloucester, VA), 15. Ryan Toole (Richmond, VA), 16. Benjamin Lowry (Mechanicsville, VA), DNS: Stephen Childress (St. Stephens Church, VA),

FAST TIME: Brett Adkins – 22.650 seconds, 79.470mph (New Division Track Record)

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  1. Bob Smith July 12, 2011, 3:46 pm

    Nice win saturday


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