Jamaica, VA -- We have been getting a lot of calls asking about the Aaron's (Fastrak) Pro Late Model division here at Virginia Motor Speedway. With opening day April 19th we wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. So here are the questions and answers. Question: How many cars do you have to have to run the Pro Late Models by themselves? Answer: Track management has said if we have 12 Pro Late Models on Saturday April 19th they will run by themselves. Question: What are registration costs? Answer: Virginia Motor Speedway registration for the year is $100 and paid to the speedway. To qualify for the World Championship you must also register with Fastrak Racing, the fee for that is $100 and is paid to them. Forms will be available on opening night or you can register on the Fastrak website at NOTE: YOU MUST BE REGISTERED WITH FASTRAK BEFORE THEY WILL COUNT ANY RACES TOWARDS THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. THEY WILL NOT BACK DATE RACES. Question: What will the Aaron's Pro Late Model feature pay to win? Answer: 2014 Weekly purse is 1. $500.00, 2. $330.00, 3. $230.00, 4. $210.00, 5. $185.00, 6. $170.00, 7. $150.00, 8. $145.00, 9. $140.00, 10. $135.00, 11. $130.00, 12. $110.00, 13. $100.00, 14. $95.00, 15. $90.00, 16. $85.00, 17. $80.00, 18. $80.00, 19. $80.00, 20. $80.00, 21. $75.00, 22. $75.00, 23. $75.00, 24. $75.00, 25. $75.00, 26. $75.00. Question: How many laps will the Aaron's Pro Late Model run weekly? Answer: 25 Question: How many races must I run to be eligible for the 2014 World Championship? Answer: You need 12 races to qualify for the World Championship. The track has 18 scheduled. If you are going to race in this division with us please give us a call at (804) 758-1867 or email us at so that we can be prepared for opening night. FASTRAK RULES WILL APPLY FOR ALL AARON'S PRO LATE MODEL WEEKLY RACING EVENTS AT VIRGINIA MOTOR SPEEDWAY.

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